12. januar 2022

Mindeord fra ASSITEJ Russia for Michael Ramløse

ASSITEJ Russia har sendt disse mindeord om Michael Ramløse til ASSITEJ Danmark:  


Dear Danish friends!

We have received the news that Michael Ramløse, a memorable man, has passed away.

This is a great loss not only for you, but also for everyone who remembers how much Ramløse, being the secretary of our international organization, did to strengthen its authority and its successful functioning. Largely thanks to his talent and skills, the ASSITEJ, created under the initiative of theatre makers of France and Russia, has become a truly global organization, embracing many countries from all the continents.

Michael dedicated his talent and skills to unite those who are difficult to integrate collectively – artists of different creative manners and aspirations. One cannot leave unmentioned, although I would like to find words less formal and more warm, his charm, extensive knowledge, him as a playwright and composer, his rejection of conservative – traditional theatres, and how we laughed and argued at night until we were hoarse, the joint trips and, in short, how he lived, dreamed, worked, made mistakes and won.

Michael – Misha – Mike- Michel- Mihas passed away, but he did not leave us.

Now we have to preserve his image for future generations.

And these days here in Russia, we share with you, our dear Danish colleagues, sadness and sorrow!

Adolf Shapiro, President of the Russian Center of ASSITEJ


Dear friends and colleagues!

The cold winter brought sad news to us – Michael Ramløse, a Danish director, playwright, composer, whose whole life was dedicated to the theater for young audiences, has left us.

He appeared on a horizon a long time ago, at the end of the last century, when three countries – Denmark, Sweden and Norway took over the financial and organizational management of the ASSITEJ Secretariat and offered Michael to lead it. Soon the General Assembly approved his candidacy as the Secretary General of the ASSITEJ. He served two terms in this post (1990 – 1996).

He differed from other ASSITEJ colleagues because he spoke Russian very well. He had no Russian roots, but he just loved Russian language and Russian culture and therefore, learned our language.

As the Secretary General of ASSITEJ he resolved difficult situations in a diplomatic way. He helped us a lot in developing international connections.

Michael often visited our country, he made many friends, and our theatre colleagues willingly – without feeling a language barrier – communicated with him! He visited our TYA festivals in Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, and in Moscow.

Michael was an intelligent, talented, calm, reserved, and modest man.

We loved him very much, and for us he was just «Misha».

We will always remember him.

Galina Kolosova, ASSITEJ Honorary Member 

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